Late Midlight Early Aftermoon (2007) Silent Video Projection 30 min loop

(2 min SD preview)

The lyrical poem traces back to ancient Greece and is an art form of a deeply personal expression of the poet’s felt emotions. Ken Kelman wrote that “in the same way as the lyrical poem, through it’s own available idiom the lyrical film is the direct manifestation of feelings and thoughts, with the expressive possibilities of plot, motion, music, dialogue, and images all muted in themselves”1.  The lyrical film portrays the director as the invisible protagonist of the film as the presence of his gaze can be felt behind the lens of the camera.

1 Kelman. “Film As Poetry”, Film Culture, No. 29, 1963, p. 22-27

stills from
Late Midlight Early Aftermoon

Dodda Magg