I’m not here (2009) Silent Video Projection 2.22 min loop

(1:15 min SD preview)

The silent video is projected on a white wall, in a day-lit room, the white pallet of the video fading into the surroundings, creating a light, fleeting presence in the space. Instead of working with darkness I wanted the video and the character to fade in actual space. I wanted to make a work that represents the space that is created when I record my performances, the triangle of the performer, the camera and the viewer, interwoven with the idea of daydreaming or reverie. Performing in front of the camera is a way of encountering myself; the camera’s eye reflects my own gaze as if I’m looking in a mirror while the character I portray reflects this gaze onto the viewer. My own presence is strong in my work either physically in the video performance, gazing beyond the screen or as a gaze from behind the camera lens. I play with the viewer’s gaze, deliberately placing him in specific viewpoints with the framing and styles of editing.

Dodda Magg