Rainbow (variation no. 1) (2011) site specific sound installation in window 30 min loop

Installation view from the National Gallery of Iceland

Presented with two sound exciters (transducer speakers) on glass, an amplifier and a media player in the National Gallery of Iceland, the transducer speakers were placed in a window in the space of the exhibition Áfangar / Strides - showcasing a part of the museums collection of Icelandic art from the 20th and 21st century. As the viewer walked around the space of the exhibition, voices from an unknown source filled the room until fading into silence for a few minutes. The voices were the same as in part one but in less layers so the viewer could hear from what it was made. Here I played with the call of the voice where it offers no information but yet is not quite singing. It is not quite rhythmic nor harmonious in a musical sense thus not offering an emotional expression through cultural codes of cords. Also as one chases rainbows I played with the chase of the sound source but where actually there is nothing to catch or see. I placed the transducer speakers on the glass of the window where the sound reverberated, the glass and the architecture of the building becoming the speaker.

© Dodda Maggý